Auburn Calloway Hijacker, Hijacking Of Flight 705, Where Is He Now?

Former U.S. military pilot Auburn Calloway struggled with mental illness, which also caused issues in his marriage and contributed to his failure in his profession.

Auburn Calloway Hijacker Of Flight 705

In 1994, Auburn Calloway took control of a plane and forced it to divert to Memphis after making a daring maneuver that would have caused it to land in California.

He only had his violin case, which carried his weapon, when he boarded the aircraft as a jump seat passenger.

He also assaulted the flight attendants, but they bravely held him as Auburn until the jet safely touched down on the runway and police officers arrived to apprehend him.

Auburn Calloway’s former life

He began working as a flight commander for U.S. Airlines after leaving the U.S. military. However, his fight with mental illness and financial difficulties wreaked havoc in his professional and personal life.

Where Is Auburn Calloway Now?

He is currently incarcerated for the rest of his life for hijacking an airplane and having a dangerous weapon.

He was given a life sentence without the possibility of release and is presently being held in a Californian prison.

However, he continues to put out an effort and use his website to share his opinions.



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