Galina Becker Bio, Age, Family, Roman Reigns, Career, Net Worth

Galina Becker, a former fitness model, and athlete from the United States is Roman Reigns’ wife. She has five children of her own. Six-time WWE reigning Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns is a monster of a guy.

Galina Becker Biography, Age, Nationality

Galina is 35 years old and was born on March 11th, 1987. She has American citizenship and is of African American ancestry because she was born in Jacksonville, Florida. She goes by the full name Galina Joelle Becker.

Galina Becker Height, Weight

She is believed to be 5 feet 7 inches tall. She typically weighs 133 pounds, but she enjoys flaunting her fit body. She has an hourglass figure, and her BMI of 20.8 supports that. As soon as we learn more about her physical characteristics and other body measures from her or other trustworthy sources, we will update this page.

Galina Becker Family, Parents, Siblings

Galina is the youngest child of Kevin Becker. Undine Becker and Molisa Cooper are her two elder sisters. The three daughters resided in San Francisco when they were little. She had already grown into the close family member that her parents cherished, but she also realized that she loved them.

Galina Becker Education

Her educational background is not well known. She attended Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose, California, and subsequently continued her management studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology, but that is all we know about her education. Soon, more information will be updated.

Galina Becker Husband, Married, Kids

Galina is happily married to the love of her life from college and has three gorgeous children. Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i is the true name of WWE superstar Roman Reigns, who is wed to Galina. The couple promised to stick by one another through good times and bad in December 2014. Seven individuals make up their enormous family, and they have contented lives after that. The firstborn daughter was born in 2008, and the couple has five children altogether, including two pairs of twins.

Galina Becker Roman Reigns

Becker is a well-known individual who has gained popularity as a result of her marriage and her work in the fitness business. Galina has worked with several marketing companies over the past few years. More than 10 years ago, when Roman started taking his first steps as a wrestler, she became a part of his life. The two had been good friends for a very long time, even before Reigns gained notoriety. At the Georgia Institute of Technology, Galina and Roman initially began dating. Prior to being married and having a kid together, they were long-distance lovers.

They first merely saw each other as friends, but as their relationship increased, so did their desire for one another. They rapidly developed very close friends and began dating. The stakes of being power couples were quite high for them since they had a carefree lifestyle that was adored by everyone. Galina got pregnant when she was still attending college and working. Their first child, Joelle, was born on December 14th, 2008. Galina continued to work after the birth of her baby and kept up her professional strength while still a new mother.

Is Galina Becker famous, Fame, Limelight

Yes, Galina, a former athlete, and fitness model has been wed to WWE superstar Roman Reigns for more than ten years. Although she manages to live a private life away from the spotlight, which frequently leads us to believe that she is not well-known.

Galina Becker Profession

Galina Becker was an athlete before she met her husband. Her main role model was her older sister, Undine Becker. Galina was raised in a sporting environment and found inspiration to work toward her own objectives in “her” world. Undine took part in athletics while she was a student. Galina’s parents understood that her interest in sports at a young age made her wish to pursue them as a career make sense.

Particularly when Galina was in high school and college and participated in several competitions, they supported her new objectives. They had the good fortune to be one of the few kids who got a top coach. Galina was a very gifted and motivated athlete. As a consequence of her success in discovering and polishing her talent, she received various honors, including those given out at the time by Mt Pleasant High School. Galina has been a fitness model for a while. She has worked with companies all across the world, although she often deals with American enterprises. She had been an athlete before, so that explains it.

When Did Galina and Roman Reigns Get Marry?

Roman and Galina met while they were both students at Georgia Tech. They began dating, and in 2012, they became engaged. On December 6, 2014, they were married on Castaway Cay, a private island in the Bahamas.

Are Roman Reigns Still Married?

Yes, Roman and Galina Becker, his high school sweetheart, remain wed as of 2014. Roman and Galina became first-time parents as soon as their firstborn daughter, Joelle, was born. They at the moment have five children. Contrary to other parents, the two have educated their children by providing informal at-home teaching instead of enrolling them in private schools (Unconfirmed). The five children are not mentioned in interviews or shown in social media posts.

Galina Becker’s Net Worth

Currently, Becker’s estimated net worth is $3 million. Her work as a fitness model is her main source of money. More information regarding her riches, possessions, homes, automobiles, private aircraft, villas, and many other things is still unknown but will be added shortly.



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