Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Connecticut [2022]

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Connecticut [2022]

1. Katharine Hepburn’s Home, Old Say Brook, Connecticut

On and off the market for a long time, Katherine Hepburn’s home was finally sold for an astonishing sum of more than eleven million dollars. This stunning house is situated right on the water. lake.

There are a lot of stunning and stunning rooms on the three floors. In addition, there are large picture windows. Additionally, each of the elegant bedrooms is equipped with bathrooms with separate entrances, and many rooms are equipped with fireplaces.

The house is also home to a private beach to relax in the summer, and tennis courts.

2. Cobb Island Drive, Greenwich, Connecticut

The property is situated on the tranquil cos cob Harbor and was sold recently for 15 million dollars. This lavish house is situated on 10 acres of waterfront and includes five bedrooms. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, a court, and an area that is ideal for gatherings.

3. Donald Trump’s Former Estate, Greenwich, Connecticut

The house is on a peninsula of six acres This luxurious property was once part of Donald Trump. The house was sold at the staggering sum of fifty-four million dollars. This massive mansion offers the largest of bedrooms with 10-bathrooms, guest rooms, and additional. The home is made up of a large lot and yes, there is a pool.

4. Copper Beech Farm, Greenwich, Connecticut

This house was bought for an astounding 120 million dollars back in 2014. It also set the record for the most expensive house purchased at that price.

5. Thimble Islands Portfolio Home, Branford, Connecticut

It is possible to purchase the house as well as an island for free when you purchase this home on Thimble Island. The house is comprised of a large fourteen bedrooms as well as 8.5 bathrooms spread across 13100 square. ft.

If this doesn’t astonish you the property is an entire private island that is filled with plants, trees gardens, pools, and many other. It is possible to purchase the house for 50 million dollars.

6. Belle Haven Home, Greenwich, Connecticut

His luxurious house is situated in Glenwood drive. This elegant house offers breathtaking views of the island. It’s listed for sale at a price of fifteen million dollars. This home has 5 bedrooms and a master room and even a hardwood floor. The house also has an expansive pool, stunning gardens, and even a garage.

7. Conyers Farm Home, Greenwich, Connecticut

his is one of the biggest houses in the most expensive area of Greenwich. It is situated within the exclusive Conyers farm gated community which was purchased at a staggering amount of 45 million in 2004.

The house is located on more than 80 acres of land. It also has a property that includes 8000 square. feet of living space, including a three guest cottage, and even the stable for horses that could accommodate as many as 22 horses. The property was sold for an astounding $65 million in 2015.

8. Round Hill Manor, Greenwich, Connecticut

t’s one of the most expensive homes that are currently being sold by Sotheby’s International Realty is Round Hill Manor, which is valued at more than 40 million dollars.

This house is home to nine bedrooms, along with eight full bathrooms as well as the four bathrooms that are half-bathrooms. The property also has the library, a kitchen that is equipped with high-end appliances, and other luxury items, luxurious bathrooms that have big bathtubs as well as walk-in showers.

9. Great Island, Darien, Connecticut

The property is situated in an area that is truly mind-blowing. If you could get 175 million dollars out of the bank, this amazing island of 63 acres could be yours.

It is situated just an hour away from New York City This stunning island offers a breathtaking view of the Long Island sound and a costly facility that has the 20 Stella as well as the inner ring, the jumping section, and a polo specifically for greenhouses and horses. There are also a lot of guest cottages, a pool and also a large quantity of land.

10. Clapboard Ridge Road, Greenwich, Connecticut

his luxurious home is located on 5.34 acres. It is for auction for sale at around twenty million dollars. The house is spacious with six bedrooms, approximately 9.5 baths, and covers approximately 16,863 square feet. The lavish home makes you feel as if you’re in the midst of royalty.

The bronze antique French doors look awe-inspiring. The house also boasts a well-paneled library, a gorgeous fireplace, an office that is modern as well as royal dining tables, billboard rooms, and many others.

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