Trek To Kudremukh Peak- Solo Passport

Trek To Kudremukh Peak- Solo Passport


If you’re looking for a place to hike, trek to the mountains, and get into nature, then Trek To Kudremukh Peak is the perfect place. While you’re in Kerala, don’t miss out on the trek to Kudremukh Peak.

It is believed that the name “Kudremukh” means “the place where Shiva resides”. It was named so as per his request when he did penance here and won his mark as one of the most powerful gods in Hindu mythology.

Kudremukh trek is one of the most iconic mountains in India. It has a great natural beauty and it’s easy to reach. The trek itself is less than an hour long, but it has some amazing views along the way!

It’s a nice hike that’s perfect for those who want to get away from their busy lives for a few hours and enjoy nature at its best.

 Starts From Chikkamagaluru And Ends At Kudremukh:

If you like hiking, but don’t have much time then this is your go-to activity when you’re in Kerala. The best time to visit is between November and April as it’s not too hot then and will give you cool breezes so you can beat the heat or just enjoy being outdoors without worrying about getting overheated or sweaty during such a hot season!

The trek’s route starts from Chikkamagaluru and ends at Kudremukh. The trek has an elevation of 2,060 m (6,854 ft) above sea level. It passes through two national parks namely Bandipur and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Time To Visit And Difficulty Level 

The best time to visit the mountain range is between June and October. This time of the year offers ideal weather conditions with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 37°C and ample rainfall throughout the year.

The trek to this peak is considered difficult and risky because of its altitude and temperatures.

Highlights Of The Trek

Trek To Kudremukh Peak is located in the Western Ghats of India, in Karnataka. It is also known as ‘Mukkoti’ and ‘Kudremukh’. The peak is situated at an altitude of 3236 meters above sea level, with a steep slope on all sides. It can be reached by foot or by jeep. 

The trek to Kudremukh takes about 7-8 hours and includes an overnight stay at a guest house or hotel. It begins with a half-hour drive from Hubli towards Belgaum, which will take around 2 hours on the way. From there, you will have to climb up to 2100 meters above sea level by foot to reach the base camp where you will spend the night before starting your climb up at sunrise (around 66 am.

The trek starts from Belgaum and follows a path through forested hillsides until you reach Mukkoti village after about 20 minutes of walking along a narrow road leading uphill from Mukkoti station on the railway line between Hubli and Mangalore. From here onwards, it’s all about climbing steep slopes covered by shrubs and grasses.

Points to Remember

The trek to Kudremukh is a very long one, and it takes at least a day to reach the top. You will have to walk 8km from the base camp. The trail passes through thick forest and along hill slopes.

 There are two ways to reach Kudremukh Peak: by foot or by jeep. Walking is more convenient because you can take your own food and camping equipment with you. However, if you want to visit other places in the region, then hiring a vehicle might be more convenient for you.

Starting Point Of The Trek

The trek to Kudremukh Peak begins from the Pathanamthitta bus stand, which is the most popular starting point for this tour. The trek from Pathanamthitta to Kudremukh Peak is about 80 kilometers long. It is one of the best treks in Kerala, which can be completed with just one day’s notice. This trek takes you through thick forests and through lush green valleys with waterfalls and beautiful lakes on your way up to Kudremukh Peak. You will also pass through many villages along your way as you make your way up to this mountain top. In addition to being a great hiking trip, it is also very popular among tourists due to its scenic beauty.


If you’re looking for a trip that will take you to unexplored heights, there’s no better place than trekking to Kudremukh Peak.

 It is also a part of the trekking circuit that has to be completed at least once in your lifetime. Kudremukh trek is an adventurous and exciting journey that offers you a chance to explore beautiful mountains and their flora and fauna.

The trek is a great way to spend time with your family or friends and enjoy nature. The Kudremukh trek is also considered as one of the most beautiful treks in India because it has many amazing scenic views.

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