Victor Cipolla Bio, Age, Education, Wife, Career, Nationality, Measurements, And More

Victor Cipolla is an American producer and publicist best known for The Mangina Dialogues (podcast) and Dinner With Dani (2018). (2019).

Victor Cipolla Biography, Wiki, Age, And Birthday

He is 48 years old right now. His birthdate and location of birth are being examined.

Victor Cipolla Education

Cipolla completed his education in history, political science, and communication.

Victor Cipolla Family

Information on Victor’s family is currently being examined.

Victor Cipolla’s Wife, Children

Since 2017, he has been wed to Kira Lee Orsag, also known as Dani Daniels. He marked his wedding anniversary in Zürich, Switzerland, in October 2019.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, and they have recently visited Disneyland, Liberty Hall, and the Liberty Bell. When he brought his wife, Dani Daniels, to the lovely island of Antigua in the West Indies to celebrate Valentine’s Day—a day when couples express their love, devotion, and dedication for one another—he demonstrated his unwavering love for her.

Dani Daniels, his wife, is the reigning queen of the pornographic film industry. She appeared as an adult actress in a lot of pornographic films and videos. She was both a stripper and a visual artist.
After leaving her art school, Dani started to think about working in the porn industry. She began stripping in order to pay off her educational loans.

Cipolla Height And Weight

He weighs 79 kg and is 6 feet 1 inch tall (185 cm) in height. Victor has 14-inch biceps, black hair, green eyes, and green eyes. His (UK) shoe size is 8.

Victor Cipolla Career

The Mangina Dialogues and Dinner With Dani producer and publicist Victor Cipolla (Podcast). He is also an author, and before committing to a relationship, all couples should read his book Wait For The Corn: Lessons Learned From Marrying A Porn Star.

Even the coldest hearts are warmed by it because Victor makes a strong case for the value of being honest and communicating clearly in a healthy relationship. In addition, he provides an unvarnished glimpse of a sector that is forbidden in the media.

He touches on a variety of intriguing topics while telling a variety of engrossing and appealing tales to successfully convey his viewpoints to the audience. He stresses the critical role that communication plays in strengthening family ties throughout the whole book and offers relationship tips and mantras.

The Two Onions Podcast, hosted by Victor Cipolla and his wife Dani Daniels, is a well-known conversation program. A range of guests shares their stories and memorable memories with him in this sort of candid podcast.

Cipolla Nationality

He is an American citizen.

Victor Net Worth

An estimate of his net worth in US dollars is $4 million.

FAQs About Cipolla

Victor enjoys drinking Irish whiskey and loves coffee. He also reads novels on occasion.
He occasionally experiments with cuisine during his free time.
Despite not being a skilled painter, he once created a crude drawing of his wife as a gift; it was a truly precious effort! Dani, on the other hand, is a skilled painter. She goes by the name Kira Lee when she paints.

Visits by Cipolla to the British Library, art galleries, and MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) show his interest in and curiosity about the past. He traveled to the UK in December of last year with Dani Daniel, his lifeline.

At the Gotham Bar and Grill, a pioneering New American eatery in New York City, Victor Cipolla celebrated his anniversary. Victor was quite pleased with the restaurant’s excellent service.

He also enjoys watching soccer. One of the biggest stadiums in the UK, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, was aware of his presence. Cipolla is intimately identified with the game of golf since he is an active player.



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