Walter O. Trowbridge Obituary, Death Cause, Wife, Career, Net Worth, And More

Walter O. Trowbridge, a former sheriff of Monroe County, is recognized for developing specialized investigation groups over his almost 40 years in law enforcement.

Who Was Walter O. Trowbridge?

He was the son of Cecil A. Trowbridge and Helen (Miller) Trowbridge and was born on January 22, 1930, in Monroe, Michigan. He devoted his life to public service. Walter attended the Michigan State University Business Management School after graduating from Monroe High School in 1948.

Walter O. Trowbridge Obituary, Death Cause

Hard-working Walter O. Trowbridge, the sheriff of Monroe County, died on Wednesday accompanied by numerous family members. He served in law enforcement for over 40 years and was renowned for creating specialized investigation teams. At 92 years old, he is. It is unknown what caused his death specifically. On September 14, 2022, he passed away.

Walter O. Trowbridge Funeral

Walter will receive a private funeral at a later time. Funeral preparations are helped by Bacarella Funeral Home for families.

Walter O. Trowbridge’s Wife

When he first met Juanita, his future wife, he was serving in the Air Force in Arizona. Before she passed away in 2015, they had been married for almost 64 years.

In addition, they had six grandkids and reared four kids: Brenda, Cindy, Linda, and Robert.

Walter O. Trowbridge Parents, And Siblings

Along with Walter’s cherished wife and parents, his stepmother Rossella (Rutledge) Trowbridge also passed away before him. Alvin and William R. Trowbridge, William Rutledge and Marilyn (Rutledge) Johnson, his son-in-law John (Jack) Marcero, and Joseph Liedel, the chief of the Monroe Town Volunteer Fire Department, are his eldest grandchildren.

Walter O. Trowbridge Career

He served in the F4U Corsair Fighter Squadron VMF-251 in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and is a Korean War veteran. During the Korean War, Walter also served in the U.S. Air Force and spent two years at Komaki Air Force Base in Nagoya. Charles G. (Bud) Harrington appointed him chief deputy of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department on January 1, 1955, following the completion of his six years of military duty. He worked for the sheriff’s office for 32 years, first as a chief deputy and then as undersheriff until being chosen as sheriff in 1984.


  • Who was Walter O. Trowbridge?
    Former Monroe County Sheriff Walter O. Trowbridge, who has worked in law enforcement.
  • When was Walter O. Trowbridge born?
    He was born on January 22, 1930, in Monroe Michigan.
  • When did Walter O. Trowbridge die?
    He died on 14 September 2022.
  • How old was Walter O. Trowbridge?
    He was about 92 years old.
  • Who was the wife of Walter O. Trowbridge?
    Juanita was the wife of Walter O. Trowbridge.



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