What are the Requirements for Investor Visa?

What is Investor visa and what are the requirements associated with the investor visa.

Expanding a business from one country to another brings you ample opportunities. With the help of an investor visa, you can get all these opportunities in Australia. Also, the Investor Visa Lawyers can help you get that.

More business opportunities mean growing customer acquisition. One of the world’s most developed nations is Australia.
Hence, it carries improved business infrastructure for swiftly running a business. People willing to enter their business in this country have goaded the government to introduce the investor visa. 

The visa also allows you to lawfully reside in the country. Hence, issuing it can have a huge requirement of documents. There are some conditions that you got to meet. All you need to know regarding the requirements are presented in the blog. 

What is an Australian investor visa, and how can it benefit you?

An Australian investor visa offers exotic opportunities for encouraging foreign investors to invest in Australian businesses. The visa ticket allows a legal stay, work, and study in the country. Also, it offers a convenient residence for the investor’s family. 

The visa is beneficial for you for the following reasons.

  • Australia has stable economic growth that can benefit you. 
  • An improved tax system to support your investment.
  • High-quality lifestyle.
  • Favourable regulatory culture. 
  • Skilled workforce. 

Due to the ample opportunities, Australia had nearly $4.1 trillion of foreign investments at the end of the year 2021. The improved business structure in Australia can benefit your business to growth. You can get high returns on your investments due to the country’s stable economy and considerable taxation rate. Also, the skilled workforce and regulatory culture can be the key to your success. 

Who is Eligible?

Before applying for a visa, knowing the investor visa requirements is always the foremost thing. In that case, you need to understand for whom the opportunities have been set. Hence, the eligibility for the investor visa has been mentioned below.

  • You have to have a successfully running business.
  • For at least two years, you have been actively running your business in Australia.
  • You have a valid provisional Visa.
  • You have to meet the business requirements.
  • The minimum investment in your business has to be AUD 1.5 million.
  • It is necessary to meet medical and character needs.

As said above, you have to fulfil the requirement to claim your investor visa in Australia. Apart from that, you also have to submit all the documents and evidence that prove your eligibility. After the successful completion of the documentation process, you will be able to receive your visa. The requirements that are discussed above are standard for all investor visa types. 

What Are The Types Of Investor Visas In Australia?

In Australia, there are different kinds of investor visas. Though all of them serve the similar purpose of becoming an investor in an Australian business, some of the special services and requirements are different. Also, additional visas are applied for different purposes. 

An investor visa allows you to stay, work or study legally in the country. Some of the permits offer permanent services, and some of them are temporary. Only a few visas allow you to travel from Australia and return. Therefore, the  Investor Visa Lawyers Perth are there to give you advice so that the visa selection can be more accessible for you. 

  • Which visa lets you travel?

The Subclass 891 visa allows you to do so. You can obtain the visa if you have stayed in the country under Provisional Visa Subclass 162. You will be able to live there as a result. permanently. However, you have to spend at least AUD $1.5 million on your business for nearly four years. 

Also, there are other certain conditions that you have to prove to clear the approval requirement. You have to have qualified health and character proof. You can also travel with this visa out of Australia. It also verifies your return to Australia anytime you want. 

  • Territory-Sponsored Investor Visa

You must be a stayer in Australia for at least two years under the Provisional Visa 165 to grant the territory-sponsored or subclass 893 visa. You have to obtain valid sponsorship from the state government, which makes you eligible to apply for the visa. As per its requirements, you have to give genuine fidelity to your business practice in this particular country. 

  • Provisional Innovation and Investment Visa

The Subclass 188 visa allows you to be legally involved in investment activities in Australia. However, the state or territory agency must invite you to grant the visa. To get the invitation, it is vital for you to get nominated for first place by the agency. Also, to get assigned, you must have the appropriate evidence in relation to the proposition of investment. Adequate character and health proof is also a key requirement in this aspect. 

  • Permanent Innovation and Investment Visa

This particular visa permanently allows you to stay and invest in a business in Australia. To grant the subclass 888 visa, you must have the Subclass 444 or 188 visa. On the other hand, it is necessary for you to manage to achieve the invitation from the territory or state agency. You are also required to provide verified proof of your earlier entrepreneurial practices. 

The evidence about the amount that you have invested in your previous business also needs to be submitted for approval. Hence, after meeting all these investor visa requirements along with health and character conditions, you will be able to grant the visa. 

Apart from these, Subclass 132, Subclass 405, and many more fall in the category of different investment visas available in Australia. Theta allows you different opportunities. Therefore, according to your needs, you can get the appropriate visa. After following all the character and evidential requirements, you can have your visa granted. 

What is the processing time for an Australian investor visa?

The processing time is not the same in all cases. However, the investor visa is commonly granted within 5 to 12 months starting from the day of your application submission. Before submitting your appeal for the visa, you must double-check that you have met all the key requirements. Otherwise, the processing time could get delayed due to the complexity of certification. 

What is the cost of an inverter visa in Australia?

The charge you are required to pay also varies from visa to visa. For different visas, you are supposed to pay different prices. In general, you have to invest a minimum charge of AUD 1.5 million for granting an innovation and investment visa. 

On the other hand, AUD 5 million would be enough for investor visas like Subclass 893. Moreover, the Subclass 132 visa requires a nomination from the state or territory agency. Thus, the investment also varies in such cases. You can consult the Investor Visa lawyers Perth for any other investment-related queries. 


After knowing the primary information, you can easily know how to apply for  investor visa to grow your business boundaries. The Investor Visa Lawyers Perth can assist you in completing your visa file with the necessary documents. 

The Immigration Lawyer Perth has skilled and professional lawyers to take over your load of dreams and support you till the end. Their experience and knowledge can lead you to a successful business opening in Australia. 

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