Who Is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? After Two Decades, The 9/11 Attack Accused Militant Has Yet To Be Charged

In New York. Today, the United States of America commemorates the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Nearly 3000 individuals perished on those tragic days as a result of four coordinated suicide assaults.

Over twenty years later, the victims’ families are still waiting for some answers and closure. But the five men’s scheduled trial before a military tribunal for offenses connected to 9/11 keeps being postponed.

9 11 Tragedy

Just last month, there was another delay. Early in the fall, a pre-trial hearing was set but was postponed. One of the biggest failures in the fight against terrorism, according to experts, is this.

Why Was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Trial Delayed?

On March 1st, 2003, American forces were able to apprehend a terrorist, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Mohammed is thought to have planned the 9/11 attacks. It took US intelligence operatives 18 months to apprehend the third-ranking Al Qaeda official. However, it has taken a lot longer for them to try and prosecute him legally.

The pretrial delay’s effect on the family of the terrorist attack victims was finally felt last month. Many people have raised doubt about the trial. Sheikh Mohammed would probably be executed if found guilty.

Pakistani Islamist militant Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Then why are there delays? The way the US handled Mohammad when he was arrested is part of the reason for this, I suppose. Initially, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his friends were detained outside of the US in a clandestine facility.

They were interrogated using enhanced methods by CIA agents. They did this because they wanted to learn more about other important Al Qaeda leaders.

Human rights organizations claim that Khalid Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times. A person is made to feel like he is drowning during this procedure. Concerns have been raised about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s prosecution in a civil court due to these claims of torture.

Mohammad will eventually stand trial before a military tribunal, it was revealed. This hasn’t occurred yet, though. The victims’ families’ memories and interest in seeing justice carried out have undoubtedly not been diminished by the judicial setbacks.

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